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Faroe Islands 62°N

The Faroe Islands are waiting to be discovered if you are looking for an authentic and dramatic new destination

Founded in 1963, 62°N Faroe Islands is the most experienced Destination Management Company (DMC) and tour operator in the Faroe Islands. We work closely with our clients to create the most wonderful solutions based on our clients’ goals, wishes and interests. Imagine an exciting incentive trip combining a city stay in Torshavn, with a dramatic outdoor nature program in the Faroe Islands.

62°N Faroe Islands is waiting to showcase this amazing eco-destination. As many destinations seem to be getting more alike, the uniqueness of the Faroe Islands stands out even more. The Faroe Islands have a special feeling of “real” where nothing is set up and everything is original.​ And the likelihood that any of your delegates or travelers have visited before is close to zero – making this a compelling reason to visit.

Here, your ideas can play and develop, like the seabirds above you and the waves in the background. The authentic landscapes and nature almost force you to look within yourself to discover who you really are, as a businessperson and an individual. There’s space to be authentic and to meet each other as you really are, making corporate meetings and incentive trips more rewarding and far more meaningful.​

The Faroe Islands with its wonderful landscape of tall mountains, raw cliffs and long fjords is the perfect setting for all types of activities ranging from extreme sports to relaxing outdoor  meditation – naturally with a Faroese twist of uniqueness that only 62°N Faroe Islands can add to your travel programs and itineraries.

A corporate meeting in a sustainable destination that will inspire creative thinking and team-building activities – that is the Faroe Islands!

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Faroe Islands Travel Highlights

  • James Bond Adventure Tour: Visit the stunning island where James Bond died in the latest movie ‘No Time to Die’. The hike is breathtakingly beautiful and can be combined with a speedboat tour and/or helicopter flight.
  • Rappelling: An ancient Faroese tradition. Get out of your comfort zone and dive into the action of rappelling down a waterfall or one of the islands’ dramatic cliffsides.
  • Nordic Outdoor Spa Experience: Jump into the 5 to 8 degrees Celsius cold ocean from the beach or bay location and hurry back up to relax in a warm outdoor jacuzzi and sauna.
  • Fishing: An authentic fishing experience either in a traditional Faroese fishing boat or a charming schooner and enjoy a meal prepared from the catch of the day.
  • Survival Adventure at Sea: The perfect mixture of adventure and team building while learning important survival skills at sea.​ The group will sail with speed boats to the designated location, jump into the ocean, swim and learn how to climb up onto land despite the challenging current.
  • Horseback Riding and Home Dining: A great opportunity to see the stunning Faroese nature landscapes and Icelandic horses in their natural element. Combined with a unique gastronomic experience at a local farmer’s house, where you get a world-class meal prepared from the farmer’s garden and farm. It does not get more authentic than this!
  • Hiking: Guided hiking tours can be arranged all around the islands for various fitness levels ranging from easy to very difficult. Enjoy the peace, nature and views and release your inner thoughts.
  • Kayaking:  Imagine you and your team along our beautiful shores in safe sea-kayaks. For both inexperienced and experienced rowers and available all around the islands.
  • Diving: Excellent diving sites provide a great platform for exploring kelp forests and botanic seaweed gardens, fantastic drop-offs, and grottos with exciting animal sea life.
  • Cliff and Grotto Experience: Using speed boats or a schooner, admire the beautiful heights of the dramatic cliffs and, if the weather permits, enter some of the beautiful sea caves and enjoy a grotto concert.