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Togo is ideal for travel “off the beaten track”¬†with its diversity of tribal cultures, voodoo, lakes and palm fringed beaches

Let us connect you with a leading Destination Management Company (DMC) in Togo. They create unique itineraries throughout West Africa and organize tours and expeditions to Benin, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

With their experience and excellent local contacts, our DMC in Togo can handle your business travel requirements for transfers, accommodation and meetings in the capital city of Lome.

They also offer a full range of cultural tours to discover remote villages with fascinating architecture or to introduce you to unique ethnic groups and their traditional ceremonies. Join one of our tours and you will feel like you are inside a National Geographic documentary. The whole region is an “adventure” in itself and not a a territory you want to explore without the support of a well-established local tour operator.

If you are planning a trip in this region, partner with our local destination specialist who understands the complexities of West African travel.

Travel Highlights in Togo

  • Visit the Atakora hills, in the Koutammakou region, and see the clay castles of the Tamberma tribe.
  • Hike up Mount Agou, see the gushing waterfalls at spots like Tomegbe and Kpoetas and trek through the forested hills surrounding Kpalime.
  • Consult a traditional healer and understand Voodoo culture when visiting the thriving Voodoo Fetish Market.
  • Shop for handicrafts in the ‘city of art’ while discovering the capital city of Lome with its colonial influences.
  • Stay at the quaint Le Lac hotel in Agbodrafo, overlooking Lake Togo, where you can enjoy watersports.
  • Experience the sights and sounds of the Voodoo festival Epe Ekpe in Glidji.
  • Witness the mesmerising fire dance near Sokode as the tribes reaffirm their pact with the God of Fire.
  • Join a 4×4 West Africa expedition through Togo and Benin or an ultimate 29 day Sahara to Ocean tour from Marrakech to Dakar-Bijagos Archipelago.
  • Tour to the North and experience the Sinkaring harvest festival of the Kabye people.