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Discover the Caribbean spirit, coastal coves and sheltered bays of Antigua and Barbuda

Here at Carib-World Travel, we don’t just focus on what we do – but WHY we do it. We believe in the power of inspired and shared experiences. As a DMC based in Antigua and Barbuda, our primary goal is to create rich experiences for clients like you, experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. Why? Because we enjoy creating cherished Caribbean travel memories that will last a lifetime. 

Throughout our 50-year history as a travel agency and destination management industry leader, we’ve worked hard to do exactly that. We have worked with thousands of people treating each one as an individual. The result of this long history is that many of our clients have become friends, coming back to us again and again, year after year. We even have some clients still with us since our founding in 1973!

We offer a range of services, from customized special events, to concierge treatment for individual travelers from arrival to departure. Whether you want a Caribbean wedding on the beach, to participate in a sailing regatta, take part in a local Caribbean cookery class, or do something that is customized from start to finish, we’re here to help you. Incentive and meeting groups will be surprised by dinners in unique locations and exciting team activities.

We at Carib-World Travel look forward to welcoming you to Antigua and Barbuda with a friendly smile and concierge-style service. 

Travel Highlights in Antigua & Barbuda

Historical Sites

  • English Harbour and Clarence House. English Harbour is one of the longest operating ports from as far back as the early years of the British presence here in the Caribbean. Clarence House was the home of the first British governor of Antigua that has now been restored to its former glory.
  • Shirley Heights were the original forts overlooking English Harbour. Every Thursday and Sunday there is a fete where locals and visitors mingle to enjoy food, dancing and music.
  • Betty’s Hope is a restored old plantation that provides a unique perspective on Antigua’s colonial history.
  • Fort James is an old fort that guarded the harbour of St. Johns. It is not in the best condition, but it does have a little restaurant and beach nearby for relaxing.


Antigua is an island famous for beaches from Darkwood or Half Moon Bay to Pigeon Point and Fort James.  

Unique Tours

  • Nicole’s Table offers hands-on cookery classes to visitors. One of the island’s top tours, it is very popular and always a favorite.
  • The Antigua Rum Tour is a new tour that is a spin-off from Chef Nicole’s Cooking with Rum class. It explores local and regional rums and is rich with stories of rum history.
  • The Montserrat Volcano Day Tour takes guests on a tour to modern Pompei with an active volcano, all from the safety of a good distance.  
  • Our Barbuda Day Tour is a great day out where guests can see Frigate Bird Sanctuary, Princess Diana’s Beach, and eat a fresh local lobster lunch.


  • Sailing is one of our main sports and our annual Antigua Sailing Week is held in the last week of April. It attracts top-tier yachties from around the world.
  • The Antigua Carnival is held annually on the weekend of the first Monday in August. A special treat for visitors is to participate in the Carnival, which we can arrange.

Active Tours 

There are a number of tours available for active visitors.  

  • Hiking Boggy Peak, Wallings Dam and Rendezvous Bay. Boggy Peak is Antigua’s highest peak, Wallings Dam is a dam built during the height of the colonial era, and Rendezvous Bay is an undisturbed paradise, well worth the hike to get there. All have wonderful views and their own stories.
  • Hash House Harriers.  This is not a formal tour, but ideal for those who want to meet locals and be active at the same time. The “Hash” runs every other Saturday. “Hashing” dates back to the last century and is rich with good British humour and friendly people. A Hash combines hiking/running with a small get-together at the end where visitors are welcomed by the group. Participants can walk or run on the hash and they often get to see parts of the island they would not see otherwise.
  • There are also loads of water activities in Antigua from snorkeling Cades Reef, kayaking at a number of locations, sailing or just lounging on the beach.