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Galapagos Islands Pure! Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands: An ever-evolving natural paradise forever changing travel perspectives!

Pure! Ecuador is a dedicated B2B Destination Management Company (DMC) operating in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Our professional and passionate team specializes in tailor-made travel services to these once-in-a-lifetime destinations. Dedicated to much more than mainland travel opportunities, we have created innovative and invigorating experiences in the Galapagos Islands with various multi-day cruise (4 to 15 days) and island hopping options. Both options give incentive and leisure travelers the opportunity to see beautiful volcanic landscapes and species found nowhere else.

The efforts of our team to provide these experiences stem from a genuine passion for conservation. We believe in the future and practicing sustainable tourism now will lead to a green and environmentally sound world for generations to come. The native flora and fauna in the Galapagos are so exceptional they have been recognized as a Natural World Heritage site, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and a Ramsar Site, a wetland site of international importance. Recently, Ecuador expanded the boundaries of the Galapagos Marine Reserve by 60,000 km², making the reserve a total of 198,000 km² of the richest concentration of biodiversity on the planet.

It is easy to be captivated by these enchanting islands due to the mesmerizing wildlife and pristine environment. The Galapagos penguin, the only specie to be found north of the equator, marine iguanas, feeding off the bottom of the sea while living on land, the blue-footed boobies and their clumsy mating dances, and the flightless cormorant, are all proof the Galapagos archipelago is a living encyclopedia of evolution.   

The opportunity to explore and discover is a dream made into reality each day by our team of travel specialists. Let Pure! Ecuador deliver a Galapagos program fit for all your needs.

Top Destination Highlights in the Galapagos Islands

  • Galapagos is home to the only species of penguin north of the Equator line, the endemic Galapagos Penguin.
  • The wildlife in the Galapagos Islands do not fear humans due to a lack of natural predators.
  • Volcanoes on and near Isabela Island are still active – it’s possible to watch the Earth forming in real-time and be transported a million years back in time.  
  • Marine iguanas are the only living lizard in the world that swim and feed in the ocean and also reside on land.
  • Pirates once used the many islands and islets as hideouts and to stash their loot in the 16th century and have left many markings of their presence.
  • The Post Office Bay “mailbox” on Floreana Island is still in use.  Visitors can still send postcards as whalers and sailors once did in the 18th century.
  • The Galapagos are considered a living library of evolution and a natural museum due to the extensive wildlife and the pristine environments of each island.
  • The islands are home to the highest rate of endemic wildlife in the world.
  • Galapagos tortoises are endemic to the Galapagos and there are currently 13 living species, each from a different island.  The tortoises’ shells have evolved to adapt to the various, but harsh conditions, on each individual island.