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For over 20 years, our local DMC in Russia has provided the full range of destination management services for corporate incentive travel, events, team building and sport hospitality groups throughout Russia and other CIS countries.

We operate 3 full-service offices with over 25 employees in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi and have been ISO certified since 1998. With the experience and legacy of managing more than 1 400 documented international project events in more than 70 cities, we provide creative and innovative program solutions with a high return on investment for our clients. Our professional team, strong supplier relations and international partnerships are key to our success.

As one of the major event and travel suppliers during the 2014 Winter Olympics, we are well placed to be your partner of choice for VIP hospitality for large sporting and other events.

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Take a unique Trans-Siberian train journey, discover new ski resorts and do a ballet team build

Top Destination Highlights in Russia

  • Experience the thrill of a world sporting event such as the F1 Grand Prix at Sochi or the Fifa World Cup in 2018
  • Survive a day in the Russian army with Kalashnikov shooting and tank driving
  • Gala dinner in the Tsar’s palace with Stalin, Lenin or Rasputin as a host speaker
  • Drink vodka from glasses made of ice while riding Russian troikas in the Winter Forest
  • Take part in a fashion show as a top model for famous Russian designers
  • Masquerade party in underground prison cells of the Peter and Paul Fortress or on the top of the Flag Tower
  • Be a Russian James Bond as you race a speedboat along canals and rivers


  • Lunch at a single long table for 600 persons inside the biggest artillery museum in the world
  • Exclusive night visit to Hermitage (Winter Palace)
  • Transfer from airport by BTR, stretch limousine or Russian troika
  • Water and Fire Fairytale in a palace
  • Play hockey against the Russian team
  • Politburo meeting in Political Dacha K2


  • Conference in the exhibition hall of GUM on Red Square
  • Gala dinner at Stalin’s secret underground bunker
  • Product presentation on top of Federation Tower (one of the highest buildings in Europe)
  • Tank driving and MIG flights in a top secret Russian military base
  • Exclusive visit to the Russian President’s residence – Grand Kremlin Palace
  • Take part in the Astronaut program at Star City space training centre
  • See legendary Faberge Eggs and the biggest collection of Tsar diamonds in the Kremlin’s Armory Chamber and Diamond Fund Museum