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From Warsaw to Krakow, Poland is the perfect destination for a rewarding travel incentive or motivational meeting

Travel Projekt DMC is a Group and Incentive Operator with nearly 25 years of experience and precious “know-how” in organising tailor-made tours and projects. We offer unique programmes and tours for groups as well as high-quality incentive and team building programs, conferences, meetings, and tailormade solutions for customers from all over the world and various industry segments. Our highly motivated team cares about every little thing because we know that “the devil is in the details”. You list your expectations, and we answer with tailor-made solutions!

We place the customer’s satisfaction and sense of security above every other business consideration. Cooperating with us, you can always count on our enthusiasm, expertise and flexible approach! Being responsible for our planet, we also care about sustainability in tourism. We promote activities based on the most eco-friendly modes of transportation, support the local communities and producers of regional specialties, and implement green practices at outdoor events.

Poland is a beautiful, vibrant and easily accessible destination, that offers great value for money. Organise your upcoming event in one of the best-selling destinations in Poland like Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Lodz or Poznan! You will be surprised by the modern infrastructure and our unique hospitality.

Let’s make your corporate events a big success together!

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Top Travel Highlights in Poland

  • Delicious Cracow – Enjoy our culinary walking tour to the best must-see spots in the Old Town, with different culinary stations en-route like local ring-shaped bread “obwarzanek”, vodka shots with “Polish tapas” in a local bar, traditional sour soup “zurek”, homemade dumplings or the famous Wedel drinking chocolate. Taste the local specialties and get acquainted with this fascinating city.
  • White Gold – Are you up for an underground challenge and becoming a miner? Wander through the salt labyrinths, explore the mysterious chambers in the oldest preserved shaft in a world-famous UNESCO salt mine in Wieliczka, perform some mining tasks and experience the daily routine of underground life. Have fun and awaken your senses during this unforgettable expedition.
  • Stained Glass Workshop – This exciting workshop takes place in the Stained Glass Atelier, which is the former Cracow’s glass window manufacturer from 1902. You can admire stained glass masterpieces and create your own glass window painting under the supervision of a professional glassmaker. Tap into your creativity skills.
  • Crème de la crème of Polish cuisine – Our Pierogi Cooking Class gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the culinary customs of Poland. “Pierogi” are famous dumplings filled with meat, cabbage, mushrooms and fruits. During the workshop, you will learn how to prepare this specialty, roll and wrap the dough around different fillings and finally taste it. 
  • Warsaw Contrasts – An exciting tour in famous, legendary old-timer cars like the “Fiat Polski 126 p“, nicknamed the Communist Limousine. Discover the socialist realism architecture of the city including the monumental Palace of Culture and Science, the trendy Praga district as well as modern skyscrapers in downtown. The team building tasks en-route and local refreshments guarantee a lot of fun.
  • City on two wheels – Enjoy a relaxed ride through the Old Town, along the Royal Route to downtown Warsaw. Cross the Vistula River and admire a wonderful panoramic view of the city and discover the trendy Praga district. During the trip, you will be given tasks and taste some Polish specialties. Visit the famous Vodka Museum and taste our well-known national drink.
  • Chocolate-Vertigo – Our chocolate manufacturers are pioneers in chocolate making from bean to bar, producing the finest and most delicious chocolate. See the journey from a cocoa plantation in South America, taste a cocoa bean and enjoy delicious drinking chocolate. And then, design your own chocolate bar and decorate it with ingredients of your choice. Mmmm…Yummy!
  • Boatbuilding challenge at the beach – What shape should a boat be and how do you steer it? You’ll be given the tools, instructions and special building materials. Then, using your creative mind, assemble a wooden boat with your team as quickly as possible. Name it, launch it and check if it stays on the water! After the mission is complete, get an adrenaline kick on the exciting RIB boat tour back to the city centre of Gdansk!
  • Gold of the Baltic Sea – Gdansk is known for its rich occurrence of amber, which is often called the “Gold of the Baltic Sea”. Enjoy a walking tour to the key attractions in the Old Town including the medieval Crane, Long Market, Artus Court, Neptune Fountain and the beautiful patrician houses with decorative gables. Get acquainted with amber’s history, see how to grind and polish it and visit the original amber manufacturer. Tasting the famous “Goldwasser” herbal liqueur is not to be missed!   
  • Cradle of Freedom – Take a journey to the past in an original old-timer bus! Experience a guided tour in the footsteps of “Solidarność” and its founder Lech Walesa in the Gdansk Shipyard, now the seat of the modern European Centre of Solidarity. Learn what life under Communism looked like and how the fall of the “Iron Curtain” was initiated. Have an aperitif on the panoramic terrace viewing the old wharf cranes and chat with witnesses from those times.