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Gabon See Wild Travels

Discover the diverse wildlife and dense rainforests of Gabon on an adventure tour

See Wild Travels is a British company but, at its heart, it is Anglo-Gabonese with a local office in Gabon. It is run by Donna Honey, who has lived and worked in Gabon since 2008, including as a researcher in Loango National Park. With a passion for responsible and sustainable conservation tourism, See Wild Travels showcases the amazing wildlife and diverse habitats of Gabon on their back-to-nature tours and safaris.

Loango National Park is truly a tourism gem where you can trek wild gorillas and go whale watching on the same day. Our wild camps situated in the park give you the chance to be at one with nature. Activities include safari drives in the savannas, hiking in the forest or boat safaris where you might see hippos, gorilla and elephants all in one place.

See Wild Travels successfully runs tours in some of Gabon’s most remote government protected national parks with a high level of customer care. We have also expanded our tours into exciting neighbouring countries that offer their own unique highlights and can be visited in combination with Gabon.

See wild Travels enables you to SEE WILD and REMOTE AFRICA completely off the beaten track and away from tourist crowds.

Top Travel Highlights in Gabon

  • 13 National Parks covering savannah, pristine beaches, dense forests and mangroves
  • 40 000 elephants in our forests
  • More than 700 bird species
  • Hippos who surf the waves
  • The only black panther
  • Lambarénè and Albert Schweitzer’s story
  • Humpback whales at sea
  • Luth turtles
  • Gabon has some of the best sites for sport fishing
  • Amazing culture and rites
  • Unique biodiversity
  • A quarter of Africa’s gorillas can be found in Gabon