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Our DMC in Sudan is specializes in archaeological and cultural tours, desert expeditions, MICE and business travel. Our professional approach, attention to detail, experienced guides, delicious food and great equipment make for an unforgettable experience.

We have a beautiful permanent camp with 22 large en-suite tents overlooking the pyramids of Meroe as well as a charming Nubian Rest House with 22 rooms in Karima, at the feet of Jebel Barkal.

Sudan is one of Africa’s most mysterious destinations. Also known as the Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs, Northern Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt. An exciting emerging destination for adventure travellers, Sudan is also a haven for small cultural and religious group tours.

Travel in this unique country with peace of mind! Contact us for personalized attention.

Top Travel Highlights in Northern Sudan

  • Overnight in Meroe tented camp overlooking the renowned pyramids at The Royal Necropolis of Meroe (from Oct-Apr)
  • Stay in the Nubian Rest House in Karima at the foot of Jebel Barkal and see this UNESCO World Heritage area that includes the pyramids and temple of Amun
  • Dine in a unique restaurant in Khartoum such as Al Assaha or Al Housh
  • Take an escorted tour through the Western Desert visiting Old Dongola and Tombos archaeological sites
  • Witness the camel races in Kassala in September and October
  • Visit historic Sai Island with its ancient temple, Ottoman fort and medieval church
  • Tour the city of Khartoum, see the confluence of the Blue and White Nile rivers, attend the ceremony of the Whirling Dervishes or watch traditional Nuba wrestling
  • Dive the magical clear Sudanese waters with its rich marine life ranked as one of the world’s best dive getaways on a live-aboard scuba holiday in the Red Sea