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With over 16 years of intensive activities in Cameroon and the East African Region, our locally based DMC in Cameroon is the ideal travel partner for your next group or tour to this region. Let us put together a program for you and your clients to experience the unique beauty and cultural heritage of Cameroon.

Cameroon is a vast, beautiful and diverse region offering a unique array of options for a luxury incentive or event. It spans the high mountains in the west, the classic wilderness of Waza National Park, the busy coastal city of Douala and the glorious mountains and forests of Dja Reserve,

We offer many team building activities on land and in the mountains. Take your group hiking, mountain biking, cruising, diving or fishing. Treat them to a day at the spa or allow for interaction during a fun workshop. Whether you are looking to discover or relax, an active or a quiet holiday, we will customize your trip.

Our services include incentive and event management, hotel bookings, airport transfers, corporate conferences, cultural tours, school tours and car rentals. The safety of the travelers in our care is of utmost importance. Our drivers, guides and representatives undergo continuous training at our own in-house training academy to make sure we offer the best service possible.

Top Travel Highlights in Cameroon

  • Visit the primate sanctuary at Mefou National Park
  • For the adventurous, hike in the diversity of landscapes on Mount Cameroon
  • Find the big cats and elephants in Waza National Park
  • Discover the biodiversity of Ebogo tourist site, set within the equatorial Mbalmayo forest
  • Explore the coast of Kribi and canoe to Lobe waterfall
  • Walk the Bimbia Rainforest and Mangrove Trail
  • Take a cross-country expedition and discover the Tri-National Park (Lobeke National Park in Cameroon, Dzanga Sangha National Park in CAR and the Nouabalé Ndoki Park in Congo)
  • See the lifestyle of the Ba’aka pygmy in their encampment in the Dja Reserve
  • Discover the traditional Bamileke tribes of West Cameroon who remove the skulls of their ancestors to keep in sacred huts
  • See the last tribes of Adjara who live in the mountains of North Cameroon and eat fresh human meat