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Astonishing Estonia for extraordinary and wild travel experiences!

Based in Tallinn, Blue Drum Events is a full-service Destination and Event Management Company experienced in incentive travel, meetings and corporate events in Estonia and the Baltic States. We cater to international clients who prefer adding a healthy dose of fun and entertainment to their visit. It helps to think of us as a theatrical production house that develops original programmes, bespoke itineraries and tailor-made solutions according to the group’s needs. We organise historic-entertainment and educational-entertainment tours, presentations, conference breaks, incentive programmes, gala dinners, events, theme parties, transfers, show catering, accommodation and venues.  Since 2004, we have organized more than 2 500 successful activities, tours and events.

Count on us if you wish to experience unique events with a twist, memorable team building or incentive programs, theatrical sightseeing tours, animated breaks during your conference, indoor/outdoor sport and adventure games. We can also be another you to assist with a big project or organize a FAM trip for your clients.

Clients rave about us – 70% of our projects come from testimonials. We produce our programs ourselves, so you can always be assured of integrity, flexibility and adaptability. Continuously working with local and international suppliers, we can negotiate the most up to date and best deals. Get the most out of your trip to Estonia and don’t forget that there’s no excuse for boredom, ever.

Olavi Andla is the owner and creative soul of Blue Drum Events. He’s been in the business 15 years and knows all the secrets of entertaining international groups. Prior to founding Blue Drum Events, he worked as a TV host and producer, marketing manager and product manager. He’s an expert at thinking outside the box and absolutely hates boring programs.

Use Blue Drum Events to experience local flavour while having fun at the same time!

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Team building and events in Tallinn: From medieval quests, to beach parties in winter, and events in monasteries!
Histotainment group fun in Estonia

Top Travel Experiences in Estonia

  • Tallinn – The Medieval Pearl: Meet a motley cast of medieval characters who entertain you as you explore the cobblestone streets, old monasteries and guild houses of Tallinn’s much-loved Old Town. The most popular figures are the town guard Old Thomas, the pharmacist Johann Burchart, the maiden Adelheit and the Black Monk. We will take you back 500 years in time or let you poke around the jars and instruments in the oldest functioning pharmacy in Europe.
  • Meet Estonian Elves in a Peat Bog: Estonia is a land of peat bogs where mystical elves and witches live. Guests are taken to the World of Estonian Elves, a magical bog where most human beings would get hopelessly lost. You’ll get to see and touch the elves, or even dance with some of them in the smoky swamp. You can relax on the moss and enjoy the food the elves have prepared for you, then sip birch sap while sitting on a log next to a crackling fire.
  • Interrogation and training for Soviet KGB agents: Line up, capitalists! Do you have a visa for the USSR? What’s the purpose of your visit? Would you like to become a KGB agent in your own country? Say ”Hip-hip-hurray to the leaders of USSR!” This is a ‘histo-tainment’ tour where the Soviet militia entertains you in authentic Soviet buses and old Soviet venues. Na zdarovje, tovarishi!
  • iPad Adventure in the City and Countryside: Estonia isn’t just chock full of history, it’s also one of the world’s leading digital societies – a paradise for startups, and a nation where access to the internet is considered a human right. You’re invited to experience a bit of local flavour via our iPad adventure game. Your group will be divided into teams who are tasked with finding various checkpoints and carrying out the fun tasks that pop up on the iPad screens. Some checkpoints are manned by animators who like to twist your arms…gently of course.
  • Motorized Paintball in a Soviet Military Zone: This is anger management taken to a whole new level. Your mission: conquer the enemy’s HQ, which hides a destructive missile and the oh-so-nasty Commander Uzuganov. Think carefully about your strategy before you attack! You need to prepare your bullets and vehicles before driving into the zone. Now yell as loud as you can and GO! Former military training ground is the perfect place for paintball battles or demolition derbies.
  • Estonian Party in local tavern: Meet your Estonian host, Tõnis, as he welcomes you to the tavern. Here you’ll learn the most important Estonian phrases and get to play some Estonian musical instruments. You’ll be taught Estonian songs and dances, with Tõnis inviting beautiful Estonian girls to sing and dance along with you. Tõnis has also prepared some delicious Estonian food and the bravest of the guests can taste the most bizarre Estonian dishes as well.
  • Medieval tournament of Count of May: This is a histo-tainment style dinner entertainment programme, where guests are involved in a fun knight tournament of Count Of May which is the most famous legend in Tallinn. The so-called Count of May festivals were held in medieval Tallinn to celebrate springtime, youth and happiness. Nowadays, the tradition of choosing the Count and Countess of May is revived each year during our programmes.