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Nepal Dharma Adventures

Dharma Adventures is your gateway to the Himalayas offering experiential group travel and tours

Dharma Adventures is a niche Destination Management Company (DMC) in Nepal offering personalized services to your valued clients looking for life-changing travel experiences in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. On a journey with us, you can expect magnificent scenery, excellent equipment, knowledgeable guides, ethnic cuisine, maximum safety, clean environs and cheerful dispositions.

We have been operating in the Himalayas since 1991, growing steadily while ensuring that the quality of our service remains high and our travel products top notch. The principles on which Dharma Adventures was founded – safety, hygiene and sustainable tourism – remain the backbone of the company. Our CSR initiatives aim to bring positive change to local people and communities.

Let us provide your clients with unique experiences that only the Himalayan countries can offer. Our handcrafted itineraries are always available for customization as per your requirements.

Nepal boasts eight of the world’s tallest mountains and the world’s oldest Hindu and Buddhist sites. While Kathmandu Valley is made of three ancient cities filled with enchanting medieval palaces, pagodas, temples, statues and stupas, the rest of the kingdom offers unparalleled adventure options with an abundance of flora and fauna. The people are as amazing as the land itself – from the Tharus that share their lands with splendid Asian tuskers to the brave Yak herders of Dolpo.

Your valued clients are in safe hands with Dharma Adventures. Experience the Himalayan dream with us. 

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Top Travel Highlights in Nepal

  • Chat with a hardy Nepalese woman who has conquered Mount Everest
  • Make the famous local momo – a delicate dumpling
  • Visit the architecturally and culturally rich heritage sites in Kathmandu Valley
  • Take in the spectacular views of our many 7000+ meter Himalayan peaks
  • Soak in hot springs surrounded by snow-capped mountains
  • Eat breakfast at high altitude
  • Get a blessing from a monk at one of the oldest monasteries in Nepal
  • Exchange your marriage vows in traditional style
  • Be spiritual in Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha – land of the enlightened one