DOC DMC MACAU is an event & travel management company for corporate clients travelling to Macau

Our team of event planners and conference organizers have extensive experience in meetings and incentives. We have the local expertise to deliver expert travel solutions specially customized for Corporate Meetings, Summits, Conferences and Group Travel.

Our services meet the highest quality standards in the areas of Destination and Travel  Management, Meetings and Events Planning and Conference Management.

Macau is the perfect getaway as it has world class hotels, exciting activities and excellent food. Macau is one of Asia’s best-kept culinary secrets, with many fine-dining options and a vibrant street-food scene. When you visit Macau, you experience an Asian destination that also highlights the important aspects of European heritage. Explore Macau’s old town which is a UNESCO world heritage site and showcases a unique mix of Portuguese and Chinese architecture.


  • Top Class Facilities - Nowhere in Asia can an event planner find such facilities: 16 000 rooms in a 1km radius & endless meeting rooms.* Easy Access - From Macau Airport or Hong Kong Airport only 60 minutes away.* Visitor Friendly - Macau is one of the safest cities in the world. You can walk anywhere in Macau any time. Macau offers visa-free access to citizens from more than 70 countries.* World Heritage City - 21 sites classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites. We have the oldest and most comprehensive European architectural legacy found on Chinese territory.* Unique Culture - The settlement of Macau by Portuguese navigators in the mid-16th century laid the basis for nearly 5 centuries of uninterrupted contact between East and West. Macau is the single most consistent example of cultural interchange between Europe and Asia.* Unforgettable Cuisine - Savour the best the world has to offer, from spectacular international cuisine to delectable local delicacies and the unique Macanese cuisine, a combination of traditional Portuguese cooking with local Chinese dishes.